Alex Sinclair

A standard hero, the people's knight, battle weary, and more than a little defensive. Secretive, even.


Alex gives off the visage of a fully-trained knight; all broad shoulders and weathered hands, scars from battles past and the build to back it all up. Despite hailing from a rainy weathered town, his skin takes easily to the sun, warm brown often marred by pale weapon marks. He’s currently prone to bouts of contemplative silence, often worried, but he’s still capable of sporting a friendly smile and a gentle demeanor if needed. Though he has a comfortable wardrobe style, his armor and weaponry sacrifice comfort for brute force and practicality. The eye-patch covering his face is the final touch, really.


Raised by a single mother in the wet town of Diluvia, Alex was raised knowing only the fierce love of his mother and his own protective nature over his younger brother, Benny. He grew up solitary for the first few years of life, initially shy and wary of other youth, but with time and patience he warmed up to both young and older folk alike. These relationships might have very well saved the livelihood of Alex and his brother, after one of Diluvia’s regular floods took the life of their mother; endeared to Alex and sympathetic to his plight, some took the brothers under their wing and supported them.

However fond he may have been of his town, Alex’s dreams were elsewhere. Once he turned sixteen, he and Benny packed up, said their farewells to any friends or adopted family, and headed east in search of a city. Eventually, near the Thralume-Acor border, they would stumble into the streets of Avona. There, Alex would enlist to become a knight, his only desire to protect others and make a stand for what he believed was just and right. Though the years were harsh, and his superiors sometimes even more so on him, he weathered through it — not just for others, but for Benny as well.

The live of knighthood might have served him well. With his morals firmly held in place, he listened to the people more than the other knights did. His compassion led him to helping his neighbors with even the smallest task, and he fiercely protected them from any who intended harm. Word would spread of an honest knight who did no wrong, who stood for the common folk, who never turned from them for the slightest thing. They spoke of a kind man who went through life to provide for his only kin, his only brother. Just as in Diluvia, his good heart won over the citizens of Avona.

At the age of 27, however, Alex would lose his eye. To this day, he’ll proudly spin a tale of brotherly love and protection, of fighting off a fearsome beast in the mountains to protect his brother. He’ll admit to being hasty, too scared of losing Benny. He’ll describe the mountain cat from the spots on its back to its long, curved incisors and the very claws that scored his eye. Scars will be shown, his eye patch briefly removed if so willed. And he’ll tell you that even when he was told to run, even when shoved out of battle, Benny refused to turn tail. He’ll fondly say that Benny landed the killing blow when his brother was bloodied, never backing down and never letting the beast take a single step toward Alex.

If asked about his brother, Alex will grow quiet and say that Benny’s out on his own journey.

Benny had stuck to Alex’s side throughout the year after his injury, patiently helping him recover and refine his skills as a single-eyed warrior. Once assured that Alex would have no trouble keeping a posted job, he told of wanting to journey and find himself as a young 20-something. With much reluctance, the two parted ways for the first time in their lives, though they remained in frequent contact via letters.

Life was fine like this. Alex could certainly cope to living life without his brother for small periods of time.

Until the letters stopped coming, that is. Anxiety and worry reared their ugly heads, and Alex made the gut decision to strap his old gear on and hunt down his brother.

Alex Sinclair

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