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On the Subject of Arms, Payment, and Injuring NPCs
It's not called a fucktopus, but it should be

In the city of Ignis’Gida,Alex the Human fighter, Jack the Dwarf samurai, Garrek the Tiefling sorcerer, Raleigh the Tiefling oracle, and Wib the Gnoll slayer all answered a call for help up at the castle. The Iris Lividus has been diligently planning a gala opening for the unveiling of Mortillian Anth‘s latest and greatest invention. The Honorable Archmage Duke Cress’ assistant, Tara Wool, registered the adventurers and instructed them to return bright and early the next morning in order to face a challenge.

They all managed to make it mostly on time, despite hitting Snooze (the Inn’s wakeup call boy). Deciding to group together, the team was informed that should they be offered the job they would be paid based on their performance in the challenge. Tara lead them into the castle’s dungeons, despite never descending a single staircase, where they were locked in a domed room. In the center there was a large wooden contraption that seemed to be composed of a barrel with eight arms on top of an overturned bowl. The contraption, the “fucktopus”, started spinning and the challenge begun.

Jack did the bulk of the damage to the creature, while Raleigh and Garrek managed to both grease it and set it on fire. Wib attempted to grab one of the arms and rip it off, only to be carried off. Slots began opening in the domed section of the contraption, revealing crossbows and wands that flung arrows and spells at the party, particularly at Wib. Alex chopped off the arm he was latched on to, and Wib began to use it as a spear.

About a round into battle, flat wooden figures began popping out of the ground of the arena, representing civilians needing to be managed and saved. Raleigh successfully healed an “injured” figure. At one point, two figures, one representing a drunk man and the other representing a woman were both heading towards the “fucktopus” at the same time. Garrek attempted to stop the drunk figure from approaching by ripping it out of it’s supports and carrying it to safety, but the stub still moved along the track. Alex and Raleigh both attempted to stop the figures, but ended up tripping on the grease. Wib stepped up and incapacitated both at the same time.

Wib, using the fucktopus spear, managed to land the killing blow on the wooden contraption, hitting the wheels under the dome and flipping it onto it’s side.

Tara entered the room just in time to see Jack triumphantly stab the contraption, injuring one of the halfling workers (Darryl) inside. After being informed that they did very well and that they would not be held culpable for Darryl’s injuries, the adventurers were sent on their way, secure in the knowledge that they almost definitely got the job.


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