Raleigh St. Vincent

Softie. Cleric. Romantic. Occasional drunkard.


Raleigh St. Vincent is a fast-talking, quick-drawing man of the law from Ragged Gorge.


Dropped off on the doorstep of Mrs. and Mrs. St.Vincent one scorching summer day nearly two score ago, Raleigh was the miracle they’d been beseeching Amus Gile (local goddess of Love and Justice) for, strange hands, fuzzy tail and all.

The literal (backwards) hands that dropped Raleigh off there were that of his Rakshasa mother, unwilling to shackle herself to motherhood but not quite so frigid as to leave her infant to die of exposure. She checks up on him occasionally, blowing mysteriously in and out of town a few times throughout his life, content to appraise from afar and then return from whence she came.

Ignoring the stigmas associated with Rakshasa-born tieflings, Raleigh was raised to be kind, firm, and fair, easy demeanour and cool head earning him a place as arbiter of disputes and impartial third party to any proceedings, even in childhood.

At twenty-two, when his quick crossbow and quicker mouth saved the town from a group of ne’er-do-wells looking to ransack it, he was unceremoniously, unanimously awarded the title of Sheriff, and through many long nights and laborious days instated a fair, impartial, standardized set of laws and proceedings that govern the town even in his absence, abolishing the old settler mindset of the right of might.

Six years later, in the dead of winter, Raleigh took deathly ill with a strange fever; his demon blood had, up to this point in his life, made him immune to the various bouts of sickness that swept through the town. It was in those delirious dreams that Amus Gile came to him, asking him to be her champion. At first he dismissed them as delirium, but as he got sicker and sicker, and subsequently spent more unconscious time in her presence, he began to believe. She told him she could not interfere with the fates of those not willingly under her purview, and that, in addition to wanting him to spread her message of truth, justice and most of all love, she wouldn’t want to see him die this way: the peacekeeper of her little village brought low by an extra-planar disease, his inhuman blood, for once, making him uniquely susceptible.

Raleigh agreed, health taking a miraculous turn for the better. In a matter of days, he was up and out of bed, back to mending fence-posts, organizing town meetings, and keeping order.

A decade later, at 38, Raleigh had turned the little dust town of Ragged Gorge into a safe bastion in the desert, their new designation as the most reliable and valued stop along the lowlands trade routes bringing in a steady source of outside materials and commerce. His ties to Amus Gile, while kept close to the chest, had developed in him a new affinity for healing that had helped his friends and neighbors time and time again. With his municipality now rich and sleepy, far from the lawless days of his birth, Amus Gile began to tug his heartstrings in another direction. With his great self-imposed duty of keeping his town safe more or less realized, the goddess reached into him to find the other grand aspiration of his life: finding a great love. For the first time in his life, there burned a fire in his heart that drove him to go seek them out. Leaving the welfare of the town to his brilliant, easygoing deputy, Lailah Luka, and with many a teary farewell from the citizens of Ragged Gorge, he set off on the coattails of the unknown, trusting his good sense, good intentions, and goddess to lead him true.

Raleigh St. Vincent

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